1. Sale of the Century世纪买卖

A sales event that is claiming to be the best of the century.声称是本世纪最好的销售活动。

It is sure to be the Sale of the Century!肯定是世纪买卖!

2. Slashing prices大幅降价

The prices of items are being cut, reduced (slashed) significantly.物品的价格正在削减,大幅降低(削减)。

Our team is slashing prices across the entire range of products.


3. Special Offers特别优惠

Special Offers can refer to products that are not generally on sale or have a reduced price.特别优惠可以指通常不销售或价格降低的产品。

With special offers like these, you had better be quick! 有了这些特别优惠,您最好快一点下手啦!

4.In the Pipeline正在努力,正在酝酿中

Being prepared for the marketplace, being worked on.正在为市场做准备,正在努力。

Toyota’s product lineup recently has been a little stale, but new models are in the pipeline.最近丰田企业的产品阵容有些陈旧,但新车型正在酝酿中。

5. Time is running out!时间不多了!

stressing to the buyer that the time left is short.向买方强调剩余时间很短。

Time is running out to spoil yourself!宠幸自己到了!(赶紧下手买买买吧)!

6. Try before you buy!购买前先尝试!

Posible buyers are invited to use the product in-store generally before they commit to purchasing it.邀请购买者在承诺购买产品之前,先在店内尝试使用该产品。

Come on in and try before you buy!进来先尝后买(先体验再购买)!

7.There's More!还有更多!

But Wait ... There's More!等等...还有更多!

8. Warehouse Sale仓库销售

The items are being sold from the warehouse or where they are usually kept in storage, not from a department store.这些物品是从仓库直接出售的,而不是从百货商店出售的。

Don’t miss out on our rare Warehouse Sale. You won’t be disappointed!不要错过大家为数不多的从仓库直接销售的商品。您不会失望的!

9. We will match or beat any competitors prices!大家将匹配或击败任何竞争对手的价格!(大家将给您同行最低价!) 

You will be able to buy the item from them for the same cost or less than from any other store. Usually, the buyer must show evidence to prove the lower cost from another store; this could be an advertisement or written quote.


If you find the item for less, we will match or beat any competitors price.如果您找到价格更低的产品,大家将给您那个最低的价格。

10. …Throw in (something) for free免费提供…

A Sales phrase used to make an offer more appealing, for example, “if you buy this 苹果 I will throw in this protective cover case for free.”


Because you are such a valued customer, we are going to throw in for free one of our signature products.因为您是大家尊贵的客户,所以大家将免费给您赠送大家其中一款标志性产品。

11.No hidden fees无隐藏费用

We Promise Low Prices and No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees大家保证最低价,无额外费用或隐藏的费用。 

12.See for yourself亲自体验

We encourage you to visit and see for yourself how easy it is to get the product information you need for your new designs!


13.We won’t flood your inbox大家不会给您乱发邮件的。

We promise we won’t flood your inbox大家保证大家不会一直给您发轰炸邮件

14.Limited edition while supplies last.数量有限,售完为止

15.Want exclusive access? Join our membership waitlist.想要独家访问吗?加入大家的会员候补名单

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