外贸中Best price的替代销售话术(二)


在外贸销售中,砍价是家常便饭,大家常用这是best price来刺激客户,似乎力度还不太够。今天继续跟大家分享一些在外贸销售过程中比较常用的表明产品已经有很大优惠的销售话术。


1. Factory Specials工厂特价

Prices are lowered to almost the same amount it cost to make it in the factory.价格降低到几乎与工厂价一样。

We have to make room in our warehouse, so come in and check out our factory specials.


2. Half-off半价=Half-price

This week only, half-off storewide!仅限本周,全店半价!

3. Interest-free repayments for one year 一年无息还款

Buy today and take advantage of our one-year interest-free repayment plan!今天购买,可享受大家的一年期无息还款优惠!

4. It’s a steal!价格太低了吧!

The price is so low that it is almost like taking it for nothing – or stealing, therefore it’s a steal!

价格是如此之低,以至于它就跟不要钱似的,不会是偷来的吧,因此可以用It’s a steal!来形容价格之低。

With prices this low, it’s a steal!如此低的价格,实在是太划算了!

5. Limited Supply限量供应

Only a certain amount of items are available, and once they are sold they are gone!只供应一定的数量,卖完即止。

Be quick we only have a limited supply; once they’re gone, they’re gone!数量有限,卖完即止!


6. Limited-time offer限时优惠

The offer is only available until a set time or date.此优惠仅在设定的时间或日期之前可用。

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer.


7. These deals won’t last!这些优惠不会一直都有!

Designed to encourage people to come and purchase the products quickly, it is a warning that if they don’t hurry they may miss out on the deal.


With prices this low, these deals won’t last.


8. Money-back guarantee退款保证

A customer will be completely satisfied with their purchase otherwise their money will be refunded.保证客户对购买的商品完全满意,不满意可以选择退款。

Buy with confidence due to our money-back guarantee.


9. Never to be repeated永不重复,错过就再也没有

It will not happen ever again. 它不会再发生。

These prices are never to be repeated.


10.Unbelievable Discounts令人难以置信的折扣

it is almost unbelievable how good the discounts are.折扣的优惠力度之大令人难以置信。

We are offering unbelievable discounts on all of our products.



11. Offer ends soon优惠活动即将结束

The discount will quickly be removed, and the price will return to normal.折扣即将结束,价格将恢复正常。

Don’t delay; this offer ends soon.


12. Once in a lifetime千载难逢的大优惠

An offer so fantastic, you may never see it again your entire life!如此优惠的价格,您可能这辈子再也遇不到了!

It’s our once in a lifetime sale, so don’t miss it!


13. Only available today只限今天

A one day sale only.仅限今天

These specials are only available today.


14. Overstocked Sale积压商品促销

Because they have too many products, they are having a sale to reduce the amount of stock.因为他们的产品太多,所以要进行促销以减少库存量。

We are going to have an Overstocked Sale, come in and take advantage of our exclusive offers.


15. Runout sale产品更新换代,“旧型号”打折,或者商家清仓促销,以便为新产品腾出地方。

We are clearing out last years models in our annual runout sale.


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