1.In your letter of ...about the transaction of compensation trade under discussion, you express that views that the buyback products may interfere with your original sales arrangements, Our opinion is that such a worry is unnecessary.


2.One of the objectives of this proposal of compensation trade now under negotiation is that the plant and technology to be introduced shall be capable of a running of 8,000 hours a year under normal operation and maintenace conditions, with the capacity of producing 3,000 metric tons Ammonium Sulphate per day.


3.With regard to the business in compensation trade under negotiation, we learn from your letter of ... that you can gurantee that the products to be turned out with the equipment supplied by you will meet our requirments both in quality and quantity.


4.We thank you for your letter of ..., enclosing a quotation sheet for equipment, We understand that your quotation is made on the basis of compensation trade and is therefore much higher than that from other manufacturers.


5.Thank you for your letter of ...., We are pleased to note that you agree to the payment for the equipment to be made on deferred terms, except the down payment. As to the deferred payment, we will instruct our bank to issue a letter of gurantee within one month after the conclusion of the business.

感谢您...的来信。大家很高兴地注意到,您同意以远期付款的方式支付设备费用,但首付款除外。 关于远期付款,大家将指示大家银行在达成交易后一个月内开出保函。

6.In view of the fact that the equipment to be supplied by you is not intended for ordinary industrial, mining or agricultural purposes, making it difficult for us to offset the value of the equipment with direct products, we agree to your buying in return certain quantities of our traditional exports.


7.We have received your countersample of Children's Coat but find the stitches are not as neat as expected.however, this shortcoming can easily be overcome by using our sewing machines, the value of which can be repaid by countersale of the Coats in the form of compensation trade.


8.We thank you for your letter of ... and agree to your suggestion that we buy the Sewing machines from you for the manufacture of Children's Coats which you will buy back to offset the cost of the Sewing Machines. Since we have in principle reached an agreement we should like to be informed of your detail plan as to how to proceed with the deal

大家感谢您..的来信,并同意您的建议,大家从你处购买缝纫机用来制造儿童外套,你会用回购的方式偿还缝纫机的货款。 由于大家原则上达成了协议,大家希翼了解您的详细计划,以及如何进行交易。

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