Dear XXX,


We have learned from our old client that you are one of the leading XXX importers in Italy. Therefore, we do hope there is a chance for us to cooperate with each other in the near future. (表明合作意向)

We are one of the biggest XXX manufactures in China.(先容自己的身份) All our products are manufactured strictly and provided to over 30 countries already.


Attached please find our latest catalogue and quotation.(直接给出报价单)


We look forward to your trial order.


Yours faithfully,



Dear XXX,

I’m now writing to inform you that the samples that you requested were sent by Federal Express today. (告知客户寄送时间及方式)

In the mail, I’ve also enclosed a quotation.(附上最新的报价单)Please let me know at your earliest conveniences as soon as they arrive. Thanks a lot!